Are All 3 NNN and LLL .CLUB Domains All Taken?

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Although I’m not a full-time domainer, I do generally follow the domain industry and sales trends. As I have wrote in previous posts, .CLUB happens to be my favorite new TLD. I gave you my reasons for why I like this one over all the other new domain extensions. Despite my premonitions that this TLD would have potential, I did not invest heavily into it mainly because I’m somewhat conservative when it comes to investing in new trends and things. Second reason why I didn’t go all-in on this extension is because I am a strong believer of extension usage. Most domain extensions were created to serve a specific purpose or use. For example: .COM for commercial use, .ORG for non-profit organizations, and .CLUB for clubs. Although I didn’t grab a bunch of premiums, I was lucky enough to grab a few decent ones early on.

With premium .COMs becoming increasingly rare and valuable, .NETs and .ORGs were next in line to fulfill the needs of domain investors and businesses looking for premium domains. Now that these original gTLDs are 30 years old and most of the short and generic domains have been taken, I am noticing a trend of buyers gravitating towards some of the other lesser-known extensions.

As you already know short domains (NN, LL, NNN, LLL, NNNN, LLLL, NNNNN) are rare and valuable especially on strong extensions. Couple that with a growing Chinese market for short domains, and what we have is a strong demand all around. The Chinese have been gobbling up numeric domains like crazy, especially NNNNN .COM and shorter. With 5-digit numeric .COMs becoming scarce, some domainers are speculating that even 6-digit numeric .COMs will be the next hot trend.

That brings me to my point that I believe all short .CLUB domains (NNN and LLL) have been registered. I tried some bulk NNN and LLL searches for .CLUBs on GoDaddy and I couldn’t find a single one available. Also, I noticed that many NNNN and LLLL .CLUBs have already been taken. A few months ago, I was able to find some 3 letters available. Today, not so. It may mean you have missed your chance at nabbing up some short .CLUBs at hand registration price.

Currently, .CLUB has about 243,000 total registrations and ranks 4th among new TLDs. Time will tell where it goes, but so far, it looks promising.

Did you register any .CLUB domains? If so, how many, and feel free to share some of your favorite ones here.

3 thoughts on “Are All 3 NNN and LLL .CLUB Domains All Taken?”

  1. I bought a while ago. I thought I could someday build something on this domain. I don’t know, I might as well let it expire. It won’t ever have any value anyways.

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