How to Get Cheap Domain Names

In this economy, we look for various ways to save money. Domains are no exception. If you develop websites or work for a website, domain names are a part of everyday business. It only makes sense to save money on things you buy anyways.

Here are some ways you can get cheap domains.

Registrar Promotions

Domain registrars, usually the big ones, are constantly offering promotions to attract new customers, or to steal customers from other registrars. Sometimes you may see domain registration deals for as low as $0.50. In fact, is offering this promo as we speak. GoDaddy is famous for their $0.99 domain registration deals which have been going on for quite some time. The beauty of these promotional offers is that you don’t need any coupon codes to save. However, you do need to click on a specific ad link.

Here’s how: Simply run a search on Google for “godaddy domain” or “godaddy discount” and you’ll see the ad section (top left). Click on the link that says: $0.99 Domain Name Sale. The key is you need to click on the actual advertisement or ad link in order to activate the promotional offer. This is because there is a code within the URL itself that activates the promotion. Keep in mind that registrar promos only work for one domain per account, in most cases.

Domain Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are similar to registrar promotions. The main difference is that you will need to copy and paste the actual coupon code when checking out, but you won’t have to click on any ad links like in the case of registrar promotions. You can go straight to the registrar’s site and apply the coupon code at checkout. Many of the bigger registrars hand out various coupon codes at any given time, so be sure to search the Internet for them. Finding multiple coupon codes will allow you to save on multiple domain registrations within the same account.

If you’ve used a coupon code to shop online before, then you’ll know how to use a domain coupon code. You simply add the domain names you want to your shopping cart, then when you’re ready to checkout, apply the coupon code prior to hitting submit. You must apply the coupon before the payment is processed or you will not receive the discount.

Domain Forums

This is where veteran domainers and newbies alike meet to discuss domaining topics and conduct business. The top domain forums like Namepros and DNForum have marketplaces where you can buy or sell domain names. You can sometimes find great deals at these forums because most of the people there are domain resellers, not end-users. That means it’s a buyer’s market.


You may know of Ebay as a shopping portal and community, but domainers have been buying and selling domains there for years. Some of the listings are fixed price, but you can also find some that are auction-based. With auction-based listings, a domain name could be won by hitting the reserve price. If the fixed or reserve price is low enough, you can save quite a bit of money on a “good” domain name.

Registrar promotions and domain coupons are for new registrations or transfers through a domain registrar. Domain forums and Ebay are for purchasing or selling domains that have already been registered by a private party. Make sure you understand the process of pushing or transferring a domain name if you buy through a private party.

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