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When you donate, please download your coupon code so the staff can scan it.

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NOTE: All credit for the pictures here go to CSL Plasma’s official website. If you want a more clear picture, please visit their site and download those coupons.

More About CSL Plasma

CSL Plasma, Inc. is a world leader in plasma collection and plasma research. Our dedication to innovation and excellence ensures the health of thousands of others all over the world.

CSL Plasma is a division of CSL Behring, a plasma protein therapeutics company. Their company manufactures and sells various plasma-derived therapies that help people live healthy, happy and long lives. It is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Plasma is a straw-colored liquid that’s very important in human blood. Around 90% of it is made up of water, while the other part is made up of proteins and salts. These elements help with clotting and fighting infections, among other important roles in the body. Plasma isn’t only essential to humans, though – it can also treat rare diseases like haemophilia and immunodeficiency disorders in other living creatures, such as animals and plants.

How the Plasma Donation works

Making the decision to donate is half the battle. To finish, you can start by looking up the nearest CSL center on their website. Next, you should visit during operational hours and make an appointment with a staff member if necessary. Most centers work seven days a week, so you’re bound to find one that’s open when you get there.

When you plan to donate plasma, you’ll need a valid form of identification, proof of residency and proof of your social security number. After the general screening of your medical history and vitals, each donation will undergo a physical screening by a medical officer. All eligible donations are either accepted or refused after that—nothing can change the decision.

This plasma donation process takes place in about 90 minutes. Using advanced technology, the blood is separated from the plasma and once that’s done, it’s transfered back to you. Once the entire donation process is complete, we’ll compensate you for your punctual donation.

Where are CSL Plasma Donation centers located?

You can donate your plasma in any of the centers across the US and Australia. But you need to be eligible when donating. More information is below.

What could make you happier than saving someone’s life? So, simply donate plasma for the benefit of the patients that need to use your precious plasma-derived therapies. Give people the gift of health. The plasma that you donate is used in health treatments for those who have special illnesses and need a plasma therapy.

In addition to being satisfied with yourself, you get compensated for donating your plasma. An eligible donor can make up to $400 a month.

Donation Rewards at CSL Plasma-More info about CSL Plasma Promo code

  1. Receive up to $100 on your first donation-It varies by location
  2. Receive up to $800* your first month as a new donor

You will earn loyalty points to redeem for cash back when you join their iGive Rewards® program.

How iGive Rewards work?

After you’ve donated for the first time, the payments will be loaded on a prepaid card, just like a debit card. The deposits are automated and you can use these funds right away

Visit https://www.cslplasma.com/be-rewarded for more details.

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