Current Hot Trends in the Domain Industry

Hot Trends FireThe domain industry is at its hottest point right now, fueled largely by Chinese investors.

Needless to say, short domains (letters and numerics) in the top extensions (.COM/.NET/.ORG) are high in demand and the effects are starting to trickle into the less popular ones (.CLUB/.BIZ/.US).

.CLUB Extension

You already know I’ve been bullish on .CLUB domains. I hand registered some early on. I have been saying from the beginning why I like .CLUB over the other new gTLDs.

Over a year after the launch, there have been some signs to indicate that .CLUB is growing and going strong:

  • “As of October 31, 2015, total cumulative sales of registry reserved premium .CLUB names came to $1,268,199.27.”
  • The registry reported a strong renewal rate of 75% after the first year of launch.
  • Recently, all 4 number (NNNN) .CLUBs were snatched up by Chinese investors. Look at where numeric .COMs are right now.

“VR” Domains

Virtual Reality (VR) domains have been and are still hot. This is mostly driven by the technology sector that is investing more and more into virtual reality products and services. Some recent sales of “VR” domains include: for $1K, for $780, for $205, for $230, and for $1,040.

“Near Me” Domains

If you follow search engine news at all, you would have heard about the surge in “near me” related local searches. People who use search engines to find local businesses are using search phrases in a format like this: “restaurants near me” or “parks near me”. These “near me” search phrases have multiplied 34 times since 2011, according to Google. High volume exact match searches like these usually mean the exact match domains (EMD) will also grow in popularity.

I have personally done many searches for these types of domains, but all the good ones have been taken. Don’t take my word for it. Try searching for any available “near me” .COM domains. Of course, they have to make sense.,,, and many others have all been taken. In the direction that the search industry is headed, I am bullish on “near me” domains, specifically in the .COM extension.

“Drone” Domains

Drones were starting to get hot as the news of Amazon delivery drones came out. Since then, “drone” related domains have been snatched up. At least the good ones are. I ran some searches for drone domains, but could not really find any good ones. I don’t know much about the drone industry or where it is headed, but I know investors are speculating on drone domains.

Domain sales and values rely heavily on popular industries as well as trending markets. I’m sure a lot of people have made a decent amount of money speculating on the next hot thing. You could say the same about generic and short .COMs when there was no such thing as a domain aftermarket. When it comes to domain investing, there is risk involved – some more than others. But it seems that the people who take the boldest risk early on, reaps the most rewards.

If you recently bought any trendy domain names, or know of an upcoming trend, please add your comment below.

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