Digital Asset Loans

Digital Asset Domain Loans

Did you know you can use your valuable domain or website as collateral to secure a loan?

As an Internet business owner, domain investor, or entrepreneur, you may sometimes come into situations when you need extra capital to buy equipment or to re-invest in your business. This is when you need to apply for a loan. But who can you turn to?

Unfortunately for many of us who do business online, we usually do not meet all the requirements of a traditional bank loan, nor would it be viable for us to produce all the neccesary documentation. And on the other hand, you may have come across some alternative lenders that you qualified for but their interest rates were too high or their loan limits too low.

As an online entrepreneur, you need to find a lender that not only understands how Internet businesses work but also knows how to assess the value of digital assets.

Let’s run through some of the hurdles that borrowers can face with traditional lending options:

Traditional Bank Loans

  • Lengthy application with a lot of paperwork requirements
  • Approval depends mostly on credit and income
  • Banks are not equipped to do loans for non-traditional businesses

Alternative Online Personal Loans

  • Many lenders charge unreasonable interest rates
  • Low loan limits – typically less than $5,000
  • Approval is mostly based on personal credit and income documentation

Other Digital Asset Loans

  • Approval and loan amount are completely dependent on the assessed value of your digital asset
  • Even good credit won’t help you

So… how are our loans different?

  1. We use a proprietary underwriting system that understands the complexities of digital assets (websites and domains).
  2. We use a combination of different factors to determine qualification, such as website/domain valuation, cash flow, and credit history. This means that every loan is qualified on a case-by-case basis.
  3. We offer lower interest rates than most other alternative lenders online.
  4. We offer higher loan amounts: $5,000 to $100,000.
  5. Our loan process is fast! Approval can take as little as 12 hours, and funds are dispersed within 12 to 36 hours after that.
  6. We’re a licensed direct lender offering loans in most International countries and most US states. Loans currently not available to residents of California, Nevada, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Vermont.

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