Domain Glossary

Here are some domain industry lingos for those of you new to the business.

BIN Price: Stands for Buy It Now. This is the price that the seller has set for an immediate purchase of their domain.

Domainer: An individual that practices the buying and selling of domain names for a profit.

Domaining: The business of buying, selling and monetizing domain names.

Domain Investor: An individual or company that buys domains as a long-term investment. Domain investors will usually sell the domain to an end-user or develop the domain for business purposes.

Domain Reseller: An individual or company that buys domains at wholesale prices with the intent of flipping the domains for a profit.

End-user: An individual or company that has a specific use for a domain and usually pays premium price for the domain. End-users are typically not involved in the domaining industry, although they can be.

Reserve Price: This is lowest price that the seller is willing to sell their domain for. If the reserve price is not met during a domain auction, the domain does not sell.

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