Domain Name Fails

Let’s face it – most of us hate hyphens in domain names. Not only does it look ugly, but it also lowers the value of a domain name pretty significantly. But what happens when we squeeze certain words together without spaces or hyphens? Then, we can sometimes end up with unintended consequences.

Domain Fails!

I was inspired to write this post after I unknowingly registered a domain name that gave me somewhat of an “oops!” moment. That domain is: The intended version is: Apartment Switch. The dirty version is: Apartment’s Witch.

My example is no where near as bad as some of the other ones you can find online. Check them out:
Intended: Analisa Joy
Dirty version: Anal is a Joy
Intended: Apetit
Dirty version: Ape Tit
Intended: Auctions Hit
Dirty version: Auction Shit
Intended: Ben Dover
Dirty version: Bend Over
Intended: Bitef Art Cafe
Dirty version: Bite Fart Café
Intended: Black Hat eBook
Dirty version: Black Hate Book
Intended: Budget Cook Island
Dirty version: Budget Cock
Intended: Children’s Laughter
Dirty version: Children Slaughter
Intended: Children’s Wear
Dirty version: Children Swear
Intended: Choose Spain
Dirty version: Chooses Pain
Intended: Dickson Web
Dirty version: Dicks on Web
Intended: Enjoy Pot(tery)
Dirty version: Enjoy Pot (as in weed)
Intended: Experts Exchange
Dirty version: Expert Sex Change
Intended: Go Tahoe North
Dirty version: Got a Hoe North
Intended: Holland’s Hit Festival
Dirty version: Holland Shit Festival
Intended: IHA Vegas
Dirty version: I Have Gas
Intended: IP Anywhere
Dirty version: I P(ee) Anywhere
Intended: IT Scrap
Dirty version: It’s Crap
Intended: La Drape
Dirty version: Lad Rape
Intended: Les Bocages
Dirty version: Lesbo Cages
Intended: Mammoth Erection (construction)
Dirty version: Mammoth Erection (sexual)
Intended: Master Bait Online
Dirty version: Masterbait Online
Intended: Morrison & Foerster, LLC
Dirty version: Abbreviation for Mother Focker
Intended: Mole Station Nursery
Dirty version: Molestation Nursery
Intended: MP3s Hits
Dirty version: MP3 Shits
Intended: North of Boston Jewish Singles (acronym)
Dirty version: No BJs
Intended: New York Canal
Dirty version: New York City Anal
Intended: Old Man’s Haven
Dirty version: Old Man Shaven
Intended: Pen Island
Dirty version: Penis Land
Intended: Speed of Art
Dirty version: Speedo Fart
Intended: Swiss Bit
Dirty version: Swiss Bitch
Intended: Teachers Talking
Dirty version: Teacher Stalking
Intended: Therapist
Dirty version: The Rapist
Intended: Via Grafix
Dirty version: Viagra Fix
Intended: Web One
Dirty version: We Bone
Intended: Who Represents
Dirty version: Whore Presents
Intended: Winters Express
Dirty version: Winter Sex Press

Hope you got a chuckle out of this. If you come across any other domain fails, leave a comment below and I can add to the list.

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