What is a Domain Name Transfer?

A domain transfer is an account change that occurs between two registrars. Do not get a domain transfer confused with a domain push. Although both involve account changes, a transfer happens between different registrars, while a push occurs within the same registrar. A domain transfer can take several days to a week to complete, but it all depends on the registrar; some are faster than others.

Also, it is important to note that for newly registered domains, there is a 60-day lock against transfers.

The Domain Transfer Process:

  1. Request an EPP or transfer authorization code from the sending registrar. You should receive an email with the code in it.
  2. At the receiving registrar, initiate a domain transfer. They will ask for the EPP or authorization code.
  3. You should receive a confirmation email from your registrars. Some registrars will give you the option to expedite the transfer process.

If you want to change accounts within the same registrar, you should do a domain push.

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