Dropped Domain Names and Where to Find Them

There are thousands of domain names that get dropped or deleted on a daily basis. Most of them are useless, but there are some that are worth picking up.

So, why would anyone want to register a dropped domain instead of registering a brand new one? Well, there are few reasons why a dropped domain may be more valuable.

1. Backlinks

As you may know backlinks are important for SEO and may help give a boost in search engine rankings. As you can imagine, having existing backlinks for a domain name can give a site a head start on link popularity.

Update (3/5/2014): I’ve been doing SEO for a long time and I’m usually good about keeping up-to-date with best practices, but up until recently, I’ve always thought that backlinks played a role with dropped domains. It may have been the case years ago, but not anymore. Google DOES NOT give credit for backlinks that were created prior to the dropped date of a domain.

2. Google PR

Some would say that having a high Google PR has a coorelation with the organic search engine rankings that a site has. A high Google PR is a highly sought after commodity for web developers looking to build a new website.

Update (3/5/2014): Google PageRank goes hand in hand with backlinks, so a domain without backlinks, will eventually lose its PR (mostlikely on the next PR update).

3. Traffic

A domain that has existing web traffic is also in high demand among web developers and domain investors. Traffic is arguably the most important factor in determining the value of a domain name since it is the core element that can produce revenue with little to no effort. How can a domain name have existing traffic when it doesn’t have a site attached to it? Either through direct type-in traffic via the web browser or from backlinks that were created previously on referring sites.

4. Premium Domains

Premium domains are nearly impossible to hand register, as most of them are renewed in advance or they are picked up by a drop-catch or backorder service.

Below are sites that offer lists of dropped/expired domains.

Free lists:

Paid lists:

Remember, these sites are only for domains that have already been dropped/deleted and are available for anyone to hand register. Don’t get these sites mixed up with drop-catching or backorder services. There is a big difference.

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