GoDaddy Email Scam: “Update Your Account Information”

Here is the latest GoDaddy email phishing scam I received. Just a friendly warning…

I’m pretty good about spotting an email phishing scam a mile away, but this one almost got me to click on the link. It looked like an authentic GoDaddy email at a first glance, but once you actually read the message, it seems a bit fishy. Why would I need to update my account information, and why do I need to activate it when I’ve been with GoDaddy for years?? When I hovered over the “From” email, it showed support@godaddy, so that seemed legit. Most of the other information on the email was also legit, such as header logo link, phone number, and footer link. The only link that was not legit was the big green button in the body of the message. The link pointed to:

Here is the screenshot:

GoDaddy Email Scam

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