Google Domains Review

In June, I wrote about how Google launched Google Domains in beta mode. Shortly after, I was invited by Google to test drive Google Domains.

Google Domains Beta Invitation

They gave me a promo code for one free domain, so I was game. Yesterday, I finally got around to testing it, so here is my brief review of the service. In true Google fashion, their domain registration service is simple to use with a plain looking interface. It has all the features you need without the fluff.

The key features of Google Domains include:

In my opinion, a big plus for Google Domains customers would be the security and reliability of having their domains managed on Google’s powerful infrastructure. Also, you get access to Google customer support by email or phone.

Google Domains uses the same login as your general Google Account.

Here is the run-through of their system:

1. Login to the dashboard.

Google Domains Dashboard

2. Enter domain to register in the search bar.

.COM is default if you do not specify the domain extension. But, they will give you a list of other domain extensions and even some suggestions. Add the domain you want to the cart. Once you’re ready to pay, “Proceed to checkout.”

3. Checkout.

Click Checkout and you’ll get a popup window that asks for your contact info for that particular domain. Following that, you enter your billing info.

Google Domains Checkout Cart

4. Back to Dashboard.

After payment, you are redirected to the dashboard where your list of domains appear.

5. Domain Settings.

When you click on any of your domains in the dashboard, you are taken to the domain settings page. There, you can launch your website using a website builder, set your DNS, lock/unlock, request authorization code, edit contact info, etc..

Google Domains Domain Settings

That is pretty much the entire registration process.

Here is the screenshot of the “Transfer in” page:

Google Domains Transfer In

Screenshot of Billing page:

Google Domains Billing

For support, click “Contact support” link in the footer, and you get this popup window:

Google Domains Support

What can I say? It’s domain registration, Google style. Solid system¬†and easy¬†to use.

For the $12 price tag, it’s good value. Are the other registrars in trouble? Maybe for some of the higher-cost ones like Network Solutions or, but the other good ones with similar features and better price tags, probably not.

Note: There is a 60 day waiting period for transfers and pushes.

Your thoughts?

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