Initial Group of New gTLDs Released

New gTLDs

This topic has been the center of attention for the domain industry since ICANN announced the decision to release over 1,000 new gTLDs. Now, it’s become reality. Several domain registrars have already begun offering the new gTLD domain extensions for registration.

Included in the initial release phase are domain extensions such as: .camera, .guru, .photography, .bike, .singles, .plumbing and among others. In the coming months to years, many more gTLDs will be available to the public for registration.

Out of curiosity, I went over to GoDaddy to check out some pricing for these new gTLDs, and it appears that most of them are going for $39.99 per domain. Seemed a bit pricey to me. So I went over to Namecheap¬†and to compare the prices. It turns out, they all had different pricing. Out the three registrars, Namecheap had the lowest prices ranging from $16.88 to $24.88.’s prices range from $22.99 up to $99. I’m not sure why these extensions are so much more expensive than the original gTLDs. I’m assuming they don’t want domain investors to sit on these domains. At these prices, it can add up very quickly.

I ran some tests to see if there were any generic keywords left to register using one of these new gTLDs. I was surprised to find that there were many good ones still available. I’m tempted, but to be honest I’m not that excited about these new domain extensions. That’s just me – for all I know, these domains could be the next biggest thing on the Internet. Until we see some results, it’s all speculation.

Of course, I’m just speaking from a domainers point of view. But, if I was a small business owner, would I think differently of these new extensions? Probably. If I was a business owner, I’d probably try to register one of these if it made a lot of sense for my business. For example, if I had a plumbing business, I might have considered my business name + .plumbing.

What about you… Do you plan on registering any of these new gTLDs?

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