Interview #1: Ricky J of SEOFuture

This is the first interview of a new section on my blog titled: Interviews

These interviews will include stories from well-known domain investors, as well as domain resellers who flip domains for a living. So, you’ll see domain sales of all sizes, ranging from $xxx up to $xxx,xxx… and maybe more. The purpose of these domain sales stories is to shed some light on how domainers make their money and also to share revealing sales strategies, that experts and beginners alike, can use.

In this first story, I interview Ricky J of SEOFuture:

Q: Who are you and what is your business? How long have you been domaining? Website?

A: I am a domain investor, Internet Marketer and SEO Consultant. I have been into domain names since 2007. My SEO website is

Q: Which domain name is the story regarding?

A: To protect the privacy of the domain owner, the domain will remain anonymous. It is a branded .COM.

Q: How and where did you acquire the domain?

A: I get my domains from the aftermarket (auction houses) and from other domain name and internet marketing forums. I also hand register domains that I sell either for the purpose of flipping to end users as quickly as possible or reselling for 10 times or more the amount quickly.

Q: How much did you pay for the domain?

A: If I hand register a domain it is with a .99 to $3 Godaddy coupon code (for .COMs) and in the aftermarket I will not go past $100 and I only did that once. I am a cheapskate so normally on the aftermarket my prices are anywhere from $5 to $25.

Q: How did you sell the domain? Marketplace? Forum? Direct email contact? Tell the story, including your negotiation strategy. More details, better.

A: 90% of my domains are at the major domain name marketplaces: Sedo, Domain Name Sales & Afternic. 40% of my sales are from DNS and Afternic and Sedo is maybe 1-2 offers a year. Very poor results for me.

However when I get an offer it has only been at a BIN price maybe 2-3 times as normally they will just ask me how much. We may go back and forth a bit but not much. My domains sell between $500 and $2,500 with the 1-2 times a year $4,000 or $5,000.

One story about an end user is that he came to me with a domain name that was the same as his business name and he owned the .net so I gave him my price of $3,000 and he flipped out. Well I held on to it of course and almost a full year later I have it at a BIN for $2,750 he offered $2,000 and I took it. Knowing that with his site looking like crap and owning the .net he had no choice but to build his business with the .com I did not over price the domain and made it a sweet enough amount that a small business owner could afford and see that it will pay for itself in time.

Q: How much did you sell the domain for?

A: $2,000

Want to share your domain sales story? Let me know.

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