Interview #4: Bill aka DotCN

For this interview, I talk to Bill, a native of China, successful domainer, and member of NamePros forum. Bill specializes in the Chinese domain market, primarily dealing with 4 letter (LLLL) domains.

Q: What is your name and what company do you represent? Website?

A: My name is Bill (DotCN @ NamePros forum). I do NOT represent any company. is my website which is my domain name list. Sometimes I would like to introduce the end users to to let them know many buyers bought domain names from me.

Q: How long have you been domaining or domain investing?

A: A little more than 8 years. Since the end of 2006.

Q: How many domain names have you sold to date?

A: About 100 domain names were sold to the end users by me since I started domaining.

Here are some of them:

There are more domain names that were sold to the end users, but now their websites were closed, so they are not listed here.

I also sold hundreds of domain names to the reseller on the domain name market or forum. Maybe not hundreds, but thousands. Here are some examples:
I sold 700+ Chinese premium to Chinese domainers in this month.
I sold 265 Chinese premium to Chinese domainers yesterday.
All these and were registered by me this year.

Q: Can you share one story of a successful domain name sale?

A: was registered by myself on 2007. It was sold to the end user in May 2015. The price is ¥100,000 RMB(about $15,700USD).

All my domain names have their own webpages, here is an example:

The end user visited and found it’s been sold. They asked the price last year according to the information of the old webpage. My asking price is about $1,500 USD at that time. They thought it’s too expensive, and registered and began their website. (OKJRW means OKJR Website)

Since they are a financial company, they might feel their domain name is not very good. Or maybe their boss like more? They asked me again and still want to buy, but I raised the price because not only this client want to buy this domain name, even several domainers want to buy this domain name for a higher price.

They asked me several times later, and I raised the price again and again, and they thought the price is too high… until May 2015 when my price was raised to ¥100,000 RMB, they decided to buy it immediately. They knew if they didn’t buy it at the time, I would raise the price again next time when they asked me again.

Q: Do you think there is still opportunity for someone new to the domaining business?

A: Yes, I do.

You might have known the price of Chinese premium is getting higher and higher this year. I believe it could be even higher, so I purchased more than 200 domain names this year since March 2015. If I sell them to the domainers now, it could really make very good profit for me. But I will not sell them now since I believe the price could be higher the next year.

And I registered 1266 Chinese premium this year. One of them,, is sold to the end user for $2,000 USD the day before yesterday. And a domainer friend asked me to sell some of my to him, so I sold 265 to him yesterday. I have make enough profit from these 1265, and I still own 1000 Chinese premium, which would make more profit for me, I believe.

So I believe there always have the opportunity for the domainers, only if you could make enough analysis and research.

Q: What is your top advice for a newbie domainer?

A: Study and research is very very important.

A newbie domainer should study enough first. The english domain name forum such as namepros is a very good resource.

A newbie domainer should NOT register too many new domain names according to their own thoughts, because probably no end users need these domain names and no resellers would like to buy them. Chinese newbie domainers are always suggested to buy several domain names first.

Only when the domainer have known the whole domain name market and have understood what the end users need, and have made enough research on the specific type of domain names, he could begin to register lots of this type or buy lots of them.

Q: What is your outlook on the domain industry?

A: Chinese domain name market is very very hot this year. The price of all kinds of Chinese premium LLLL domain names are getting higher and higher, and also for LLL, NNNN, NNNNN etc. I don’t know when and where is the end (of the hot period). I do NOT expect it’s so hot, and hope it could be slower. In my opinion the Chinese domain name industry would be more healthy if it’s not too hot.

I remain optimistic on the domain industry in the long run since more and more Chinese (and the world) companies need their own website and more and more of them would like to pay enough money for a good domain name.

Some Chinese domainers even believe good and rare domain names would like Antiques, Calligraphy and paintings or stamps for domainers. If it’s true, this domain name HOT period might be only a START of a longer hot period, who knows.

Got any questions for Bill (aka DotCN)? Post your questions below or you can hit him up at NamePros: DotCN

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