Keep Your Whois Data (Email) Updated

I normally don’t get too deep into ICANN rules and regulations, but this new update is something that may affect many of us that own domain names.

ICANN recently adopted a new rule that says registars are required to deactivate any domain name within 15 days of notification if the registrant does not verify their email address under the domainĀ Whois info.

Just to clarify, this email verification need only be done once for each registrar account, not per domain. However, if you decide to use different email addresses for different domain names, then you will have to verify each unique email address.

In my opinion, 15 days is not long enough. For the most of us, it is sufficient time, but what if the domain owner goes on vacation, or they have an emergency to take care of, or what if there is some technical problem with their email server? I’m not sure what “deactivation” exactly means, but it doesn’t seem like they will take away your domain. Instead, your domain would simply go offline along with the website if there is one.

Why did ICANN decide on such a short time frame for verification? Why not a month? Maybe it’s a legal thing. Maybe it’s from industry pressure.

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