Ways to Make Money with Your Unused Domain Names

Make Money DomainsIf you are a business owner, online marketer or domainer with a portfolio of domain names and not doing anything with them, you may want to consider monetizing them somehow. Why not? It’s just sitting there collecting dust anyways. Here are some ways to help you generate a little bit of income through your unused domain names. Please keep in mind that most of these ideas will only work if you have domains that are already bringing in traffic or they have some intrinsic value.

Park It

There are quite a few companies that offer domain parking services. The way it works is simple. You sign up for a free account at any one of these parking companies. Some parking companies approve right away and some don’t – it all depends on the approval process of the parking company. If approved, you can start to add your domain names to their parking system. Once you have added your domains to their system, you will have to update the DNS servers to point them to your new parking company.

After your domain has fully propagated, whenever someone visits any of your parked domains, they’ll be redirected to a webpage with advertisements on it. If a visitor clicks on an ad on your parked page, you get a cut of the ad revenue.

Sell the Domain

You may have a valuable domain name and not know it. If you happen to have a premium domain or a short acronym sitting on a .COM, you can get a good price for it. Even mediocre domain names may sell for a good price if you are able to find the right buyer for it. It’s really all about who you sell to. Typically, you can get the best price by selling a domain to an end-user, or someone who intends to use the domain for a website. Or you may choose to sell to a domainer or domain investor who primarily acquires domains for the purpose of reselling it.

So how do you find a buyer? Well, that’s the hard part, but there are plenty of resources on the Internet that can help. For starters, you can check out some of the domain marketplaces online. Domain marketplaces are sites that allow you to buy or sell domain names. For example: Flippa and DomainNameSales are well known ones. They typically charge you an upfront fee and/or a percentage of the sales amount if it sells. You may also find a buyer on domain forums, but keep in mind that the buyers on forums are usually domainers/resellers so don’t expect anything more than wholesale pricing.

Lease It

Did you know you could lease a domain name? Yes, like an auto dealership that leases cars, a domain owner can also lease their domain to someone else. Once the lease is up, the domain owner has the option to keep it or sell it. Obviously, leasing would only work for premium domain names because no one would want to lease a domain name they could simply buy.

Sell the Traffic

If your domain receives type-in traffic, you can make use of that traffic by selling it to an advertiser. Redirecting domain names are very easy to do, so the hard part is finding a suitable advertiser willing to pay for the traffic.

Promote Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are one of the top ways to make money online. There are literally thousands, if not millions, of affiliate programs to choose from. You can find offers (affiliate programs) by signing up with an affiliate network, or you can work directly with a merchant. Once you’ve been approved for an offer, you can start forwarding your domain traffic to your affiliate link. If a sale results from your traffic, you get a commission from the merchant/advertiser. Just keep two things in mind: Make sure you are sending targeted traffic and that the merchant allows direct linking.

Develop It

Build your own revenue-producing websites. Of course, this is easier said than done because not everyone has the time or resources to build a site on every domain they own. This is where a domain development company can be helpful. These are companies that specialize in developing niche websites for domain portfolio holders. There is really little difference between a domain development company and web design company. They both build websites for customers, but the distinction could be that one focuses more on volume/speed, while the other focuses more on quality/details.

I think I covered every option there is for monetizing a domain name. Can you think of any other ways?

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  1. Well done, thank you, Thomas. The question I’d have for you and other forum members is how much would you charge in all the above situations?

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