The Pros and Cons of Buying Dropped Domain Names

Since the early days of the Internet, dropped domains have been highly sought after by SEOs and Internet Marketers for their historic value. Things like domain age, backlinks, Google PR, and/or type-in traffic can add value to a domain. But more than value, these things can help with your organic rankings.

All of these domain characteristics are good for organic search rankings, but once a domain drops, its historic value may actually become void.

Here is what Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land said about dropped domains:

Buying Expired Domains: Don’t Expect Credit

Have you picked up a domain that was once owned by someone, not through buying it directly from them but because it had expired and went back into the common pool of domains for purchase by anyone? That’s an expired domain – and chances are, the backlinks aren’t going to pass credit according to Matt’s statement.

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of dropped domains…


  • If the domain is picked up before it is actually dropped, then the domain would be able to retain its historic value. There is a difference between an expired domain and a dropped domain. Click here to see domain deletion process.
  • Everyday, over 60,000 domain names drop. There are some gems that can be found among the dropped domains.


  • A dropped domain’s historic value may become void once it has completely dropped. You can see the drop dates of each domain by checking the Whois info.
  • A dropped domain may have been manually penalized by Google for practicing spammy SEO techniques. Penalized domains may take years before it receives a clean slate. You can always submit a reconsideration request, but the process is usually not quick or simple.


If there is a dropped domain that you really like, I recommend getting it because you may pay more for it later. If you have a chance to snatch it up before it drops, that would be the best option as there is a greater chance of retaining all of the existing backlinks. Either way, you shouldn’t be buying a domain solely for the purpose of manipulating the organic rankings anyway. You should buy a domain name because you like it and you want to use it as your business brand.

What are your thoughts about dropped domains?

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  1. I have a couple of tips for beginners to expiring domain buying. Make sure the domain is still indexed by Google by going to Google and typing in “” if no links show up avoid as the domain may have have been de-indexed for naughtiness. Also, if you think the domain you are tring to catch before it drops will not attract much attention from others you can save a lot of money by going to a registry like dynadot who only charge $15 as oppose to namejet’s $69, but the trade off is you may well not get your domain if anyone else is interested in it.
    You can read more tips like this at my site

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