The Ultimate List of Domain Parking Companies

Domain parking is one of the most popular ways of generating income with domain traffic. Domain parking is an option for individuals who have domains that receive traffic, but are not using or monetizing it in any way.

Parking a domain name is pretty simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a domain parking company.
  2. Add your domain to the parking company dashboard.
  3. Point the domain DNS to the parking company.

The most difficult part about domain parking is choosing the domain parking company. There are many to choose from and you have no idea which one will pay you the most money. Some parking companies pay better than others, while some perform better for certain niches. And then there are others that offer terrible payouts which should be avoided altogether.

I have a few that I can recommend, but I won’t go into which ones to avoid because people have different experiences. Also, services can change over time, for better or for worse.

List of domain parking companies:

If you don’t have time to test out all of these parking companies on your own, check out or They provide services which put the parking companies in competition for your domain traffic.

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