Three Types of Domain Name Buyers

As a domain name seller, you should understand the three types of domain buyers and where best to sell your domains. Looking in the wrong places will result in wasted time and money.

1. Domain Resellers or Flippers. These are domainers that buy domains at wholesale prices and then try to flip them as soon as possible for a quick profit. Domain resellers typically resell their domains to other resellers or to domain investors, if they get lucky. This is not your ideal buyer if you are trying to maximize your profit on a domain sale. Resellers dominate domain marketplaces such as eBay, GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, Flippa, and various domain forums.

2. Domain Investors. These types of buyers are, you could say, a step up from domain resellers. Domain investors are usually willing to spend significantly more money on a good domain than a reseller, but less than an end-user. Domain investors usually invest in liquid and premium domains, ranging from short to long term. In other words, they are willing to wait for the right buyer (usually an end-user) to come along and buy their domain for a premium price. Domain investors that come mind are Elliot Silver, Eric Borgos, and Rick Schwartz.

3. End-users. These are your ideal domain buyers, although, not all of them will have a big budget to spend on a domain. End-users buy domains for business development purposes. This means that they are willing to invest more into a domain because they understand the importance of domain names to the branding of a business. End-user inquiries don’t happen often, but when they do, you can assume they are very interested in your domain name. You always want incoming inquiries for your domains because that means you have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating the price.

So, given the psychology of each type of buyer, you should choose your marketplace accordingly. Go where your target buyers are, or in the case of end-users, you may have to wait for an inquiry or reach out to them directly.

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