Should I Use a Domain Broker to Sell My Domain Names?

This is a question that I see a lot from beginning domainers. I also asked this question myself when I got started in domaining after I purchased over a $1,000 worth of hand registered domains. It’s an expensive lesson that most domainers experience in the beginning. They register a bunch of domains that they think are awesome and valuable, only to find out that what they got is mostly pigeon doo-doo.

When I got started, I registered a bunch of 3 character .NET and .ORG domains (mix of letters and numbers), which are not rare at all. But I thought I hit the jackpot at that time. I thought I was smarter than everyone and had come across a bunch of high value domains which no one knew about. I tried to sell these domains in various marketplaces like Flippa, Sedo, and GoDaddy Auction, but eventually figured out that no one was interested in these domains. I should have done a little more research before I got started because if you do the research, there’s a lot of helpful information out there especially in forums like NamePros.

Facing my failure, I thought maybe I could try to sell them through a domain broker. So, I contacted several brokers via forums and direct contact. About half of them responded, and of those that responded, they gave me the same response. They all pretty much told me that my domains were pigeon doo-doo and that they would be wasting their time with my portfolio. OK, those weren’t their exact words; they were much nicer.

So what should I do?

If you have some premium domains worth some money, then sure you can try using a domain broker. On the other hand, if you have a bunch of pigeon doo-doo domains, you’ll most-likely just end up with a polite rejection message. You may be better off listing them as a lot/portfolio sale at an auction. The thing with domain brokers is that they will only do business with you if you have high value domains. The reason is obvious – their commission is based on a percentage of what they sell, so they’re not going to waste their time on two or three figure commissions. Also, it is much easier for domain broker to find a buyer for a premium domain than finding a buyer for a bunch of pigeon doo-doo domains.

What if I have premium domains… should I use a domain broker?

If you have premium domains, you are probably already receiving decent offers for your domains. But, getting the price you want can be a challenge because interested parties are not always end-users. And I’m assuming if you have premium domains, you are already somewhat business-savvy. But what if you lack negotiation skills? Then, that’s where a broker can potentially help. Most domain brokers have been buying and selling domains for years, so they may be able to get you a better price than what you can get on your own.

4 thoughts on “Should I Use a Domain Broker to Sell My Domain Names?”

  1. Here is list- listed twice in godaddy auction but could’t sell. if you help to sell it, how much your broker charged?

    1. To be honest with you, I don’t see much value in those domains. As I have mentioned, brokers will only work with clients with premium domains. Otherwise, it’s not worth their time.

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